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Kickstart your career with one of the leading Education companies in the UK that offer VTCT Diploma in Financial Trading

Meet our Team

Educate2Trade boasts a diverse team of experienced traders and educators, led by self-taught founder Bradley Goldberg. The team includes FX expert Julian Smith, technical analysis specialist Stephen Meli, former professional tennis player Lewis Burton, veteran trader Neil Crammond, and Gerard McConnell, skilled in FX and cryptocurrencies. Our culture prioritizes education, mentorship, and real-world trading experience, offering a supportive environment for both new and seasoned traders. Join us for a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed in the dynamic world of trading.

Financial Analyst

At Educate2Trade, we offer a unique career path for individuals seeking to excel in the world of finance. Our Financial Analyst role is designed for individuals looking to become successful retail traders or build a career in investment banking.

Key Benefits

  • £38,000 Base Salary + Commission
  • £10,000 Funded Account
  • Work Visa Support (if required)

Level 5 Diploma: Your Gateway to Success

To qualify for the Financial Analyst role, candidates are required to complete our Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading. This diploma is a two-year foundation degree program that can be completed in just six weeks at our London offices or at your own pace online (up to six months).

Why the Level 5 Diploma:

Designed for those aiming to excel in financial trading or investment banking.
Only 1200 individuals took the Level 5 qualification in 2020, with a majority sponsored by investment banking employees.

Over 84% secured positions in investment banks with starting salaries exceeding £65,000.
The remaining 16% explored independent trading or other career paths.

Why Choose Educate2Trade:

At Educate2Trade, we specialize in financial trading courses, catering to individuals at all skill levels. Our Level 3 and Level 5 courses are accredited by VTCT, with our Kent office being one of only four approved centers in the UK. These qualifications are aligned with UK regulatory frameworks and international standards.

Our experienced tutors provide mentorship and education, equipping you with the necessary tools for success in the finance industry.

Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading: Highlights

  • Accredited on the regulated qualification framework (RQF) by OFQUAL.
  • Equivalent to a 2-year foundation degree (HND) with 32 RQF credits.
  • Comprises 270 guided learning hours.
  • Combines practical and theoretical knowledge with real-time market data.

Course Summary:

The Level 5 Diploma program covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Introduction to financial markets
  • Macro and microeconomic analysis of market trading
  • Operation of financial markets and their analysis
  • Bond trading and associated risks
  • Short-Term Interest Rates (STIRS) and associated risks
  • Commodities market and associated risks
  • Foreign exchange operations and associated risks
  • Indices operations
  • Options and potential risks
  • Technical analysis of market trading
  • Trading software and applications
  • Trading and market psychology
  • Money management and risk
  • Full fundamental and technical analysis of the market
  • And more!

Employment and Sponsorship:

Upon successfully completing the Level 5 Diploma, Educate2Trade will extend a formal employment offer. We also offer sponsorship for a Skilled Worker Visa in the United Kingdom, subject to conditions outlined in our Terms of Service.

UK Work Visa Application Trading Target:

  • Minimum 30 trading days
  • Minimum 30 trades
  • Max drawdown: 5% of the initial capital
  • Max risk: 1.5% of the initial account balance per trade
  • 10% target on the first two funded accounts of the scaling plan

Alternate Work Visa Target for Students:

Applicants must pass the HND Diploma and practical technical tests to assist in Educate2Trade’s development of AI technology and algorithms.

Fast-Track Your Application:

Please be aware that we receive a high volume of applications daily. If our program interests you, please respond to the email, and we will fast-track your application.