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Level 5 Diploma in Financial Trading

A higher education qualification that provides a comprehensive understanding of market-relevant knowledge for anyone who is looking to begin a career in the financial trading industry. This is a CISI recognised qualification.

The course is aimed at 16+ learners, who wish to pursue a career in financial services in a supporting role, such as back office functions, trade support, and investment administration.

The course provides a minimum of 32 credits and contains 270 guided working hours.

Within the mandatory units, learners are required to complete set tasks based on current economic activity, and demonstrate understanding of practical implementation through an activity diary. Within modules where practical application of trading knowledge is being assessed, learners must maintain a portfolio of trading activity.

Mandatory units consist of:

Financial market forces and their effects on the financial markets
Financial asset classes, underlying markets and back office functions
Foundation financial trading strategies 

Accredited on the regulated qualification framework (RQF) which is regulated by OFQUAL.

Successful candidates have managed to find roles in both trading, sales, settlements, compliance, cryptos and risk management.

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The VTCT level 5 diploma is the equivalent of a 2 year foundation degree ( HND)  which also holds 32 (RQF) credits which can be transferred in the system. It consists of 270 guided learning hours.

This 6 week VTCT level 5 Diploma when passed will receive a recognized Ofqual certified qualification. One of the reasons for its success is the portfolio format we install; this mixture of practical and fundamental knowledge taught under a real time calendar using real markets.

The general course content/syllabus is as follows:

  • Introduction to financial markets
  • Macro and micro economic analysis of market trading
  • Understand the operation of financial markets and their analysis
  • Understand the operation of bond trading and associated risks
  • Understand the operation of the Short Term Interest Rates (STIRS) and associated risks
  • Understand the operation of the commodities market and associated risks
  • Understand the operation of the foreign exchange and associated risks
  • Understand the operation of the indices
  • Understand the operation of options and their potential risks
  • Understand the technical analysis of the market trading
  • Trading software and applications
  • Technical Analysis of Market Trading
  • Trading and market Psychology
  • Understand the technical analysis of the market trading
  • Be able to analyse the market and trading patterns
  • Trading software and applications
  • Understand the psychology of market trading
  • Money Management and Risk
  • Practical accreditation
  • Be able to trade the financial products
  • Full fundamental & technical analysis of the market by trainee and generation of potential ideas
  • Daily Morning meeting with Trainer

Simulated trading on live real time markets with personal mentoring by Trainer including live in trade mentoring to perfect trading techniques position management skills.

End of day meeting with Trainer evaluating and discussing each delegate’s trading performance within the group and providing individual feedback on each individual’s Daily trading sheet & diary.


  • Equity Indices
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Fixed Income
  • Yield Curve Analysis
  • Options
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Market Psychology
  • Trading Psychology
  • Trading Styles
  • Risk Management