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Meet the team

Bradley Goldberg

“I started out my trading career just over 8 years ago and am self taught. Learning from my own mistakes in the early days, it took two years to then become a consistent and profitable day trader, focusing on indices and fx markets. Realising that education and being mentored by the right people was the key to becoming consistent and just how many people were being mislead and miseducated, I decided to set up Educate2trade to give anyone a chance to become a professional trader with the right education and mindset. We now educate and fund multiple traders around the world.”


Julian Smith

“Here are Educate2trade, we are very fortunate to have one of our Directors, Julian Smith, offer 1-2-1 mentorship sessions to educate our students and experienced traders with the psychology of Trading, and what it takes to become a professional trader and what habits they incorporate into their daily routines to become both successful and profitable.
Since 1984, Julian has been one of the leading FX traders for some of the world’s largest banks. Working with RBC, UBS, RBS and Society Générale Group to name just a few! After his banking career, Julian moved on to successfully trade for himself and has done so since 2008. He specialises in currency trading and with his immense banking knowledge is able to take advantage of currency moves within the market. “

Stephen Meli

“Stephen is a key part of the Educate2trade team. As one of our founding partners and lead technical analysis educator, he has worked closely with Bradley on the content for our Beginner and Advanced trading courses. Stephen has over ten years trading experience, and led a successful team at Barclays. From there, he moved on to set up his own investment firm with a focused group of clients, supplying advice based on specialist technical analysis and price action. Stephen specialises in harmonic trading methodologies and market structure. He is one of our expert educators for technical analysis. We are incredibly lucky to have Stephen as part of the team. If you’d like the chance to learn more from such an experienced trader, you can book one-to-one sessions with him. These sessions are structured around you, your learning level, experience and your schedule. These sessions are best suited to traders who are already comfortable with the financial markets and techniques we discuss here at Educate2trade, and are looking to learn more advanced trading techniques.”


Lewis Burton

“I started out my career as a professional tennis player playing on the ATP Tour having the privilege to play in some of the major grand slams such as Wimbledon, I managed to get up to an ATP Ranking of about 150 in the world. Unfortunately for myself the expense of traveling and attending the qualifiers for the major tournaments became too expensive without a sponsor. I soon realised I would need to find an alternative income and career moving forward. I attended a bespoke trading education course taught by one of our own educators about 6 years ago which changed everything for me. With a lot of hard work and fantastic mentorship by my tutor I was able to teach myself to become a profitable trader and earn a reliable living. As a team we have decided to set up an education side to the business called educate2trade to share our experiences and knowledge and help people like myself who were in my situation 5 years ago.”


Neil Crammond

“With over 35+ year’s experience as a successful professional trader, Neil has worked at some of the biggest names in the industry. Bond Trader at Tullets & Tokyo, Futures Trader at OSTC/KYTE Futures, Risk Manager at FUTEX, to name a few! Neil is our lead educator and provides mentorships for our students at all levels of knowledge, co-wrote our online education courses and provides daily morning zoom calls for our entire community.”


Gerard McConnell

“After University. Gerard began his career in wealth Management where he spent 4 years working in the field of Investment Management & Financial Advisory.
After he obtained his Qualified Financial Advisor Accreditation, he then advanced himself into the World of Trading. For the Last, 6 years Gerard has traded full time where he specialises mostly on the Major FX Pairs, US Indices, Treasuries & more recently Cryptocurrencies. Within his strategy he employs advanced technical tools in line with fundamental market confluences.”

Chris Pollock

In spite of getting a degree in Finance and Economics in 2004 my love for financial markets truly began when I started working at a physical metal trading firm in 2006. I cut my teeth in the market with precious and LME metals, specialising in gold during the extreme volatility of the Financial Crisis. In 2009 I moved back to London to set up a commodities desk at a derivative firm to trade metals as well as energy products, soft commodities and agriculturals. I then founded and ran a physical precious metal firm in the City for ten years. Throughout my career I have always traded my own money across a variety of asset classes and in 2020 I started solely trading my accounts. Then in 2021 I joined the team at Educate 2 Trade to trade on their trading floor and to help aspiring traders improve their process and reach their goals.


Enzo Calamita

Enzo is no stranger to the psychological and emotional challenges that many traders face. He brings together a combination of over a decade of experience in the financial markets and extensive work in the private, public and voluntary sectors specialising in emotional intelligence and behavioural change. Enzo is a certified executive/behavioural coach and has held membership in both the Professional Speakers Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers. As part of the team at the Educate2Trade, he works with both aspiring and established traders to help them in the development of their trading psychology leading to better performance and results.