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1-2-1 Trading Career Program

Online or in person sessions and group courses

Course Duration

We offer one to one sessions with our lead educators, our highly qualified can offer you tailored, personalised training appropriate to your level that most importantly fits around your schedule.

Course Duration: Depending on the package you purchase your course can take anywhere between 12 – 36 1-2-1 sessions.

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What’s included in our Bespoke 1-1 Technical & Fundamental Mentorship programme?

The areas that are covered:

  • Detailed introduction to Trading
  • Psychology of trading Risk management (Creating a successful trading plan)
  • Fundamentals of Trading (Interpreting News and Economical Data)
  • Understanding the Market environment
  • Candlestick Patterns (definition and Identification)
  • Technical Analysis Part I (Support & Resistance, Breakout & Fakeout Structures, Trends & channels)
  • Technical Analysis Part II (Trend Continuation, Bullish and Bearish Structures, Trend reversal & Bilateral Trend Patterns)
  • Fibonacci – What is it in Trading & How it is used
  • How to Plot Charts & Conduct Technical Analysis

You will also take part in live trading with Neil Crammond. Live trading over the month provides 60 zoom calls covering:

  • 6 Central bank meetings
  • 25 US and UK market opens
  • 38 News Figures

You will receive ongoing support and mentorship throughout and full access to our risk management platform.