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Beginners Online Trading Course

If you’ve always been interested in the financial markets, and are keen to learn but you’re not sure where to start, this is the course for you. Price of course: £250 (+VAT)

With our Online trading course, you’ll learn how to understand the financial markets, how to trade stocks and Forex, implement strategies and most importantly of all, how to become a consistent trader. 

Educate2trade has a combined experience of 40+ years trading in the financial markets, and this course includes a wealth of in-depth lessons sharing the strategies and knowledge we have built up through the years.

What’s the curriculum?

Our Online trading course covers the basics of trading, from the stock market, Forex, indices and CFDs, right through to the concepts you’ll need to know. Our modules cover fundamental and technical analysis, risk management, trading psychology and how to construct a trading plan, all written by experienced and highly qualified traders.

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  • The Basics – What is trading, how to get started
  • How to create a successful trading plan
  • How to use a stop loss
  • Leverage
  • Different ways to enter the market 
  • Technical analysis – candlesticks, support + resistance, breakouts, trends and channels, head and shoulder patterns, harmonic, fibonacci
  • Our market profile strategy
  • Fundamental analysis
  • Psychology of Trading
  • Risk Management + Trade sizing
  • What Cryptos are and how to trade them
  • Expert video content updated regularly so they are up to date with current market conditions