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One to One Training

We are delighted to welcome you to our educate2trade community, we offer one to one sessions with our lead educators, our highly qualified can offer you tailored, personalised training appropriate to your level that most importantly fits around your schedule.

Here is some more information and a breakdown of what is included in our Bespoke 1-1 Technical & Fundamental Mentorship programme:

The areas that are covered:

  • Detailed introduction to Trading
  • Psychology of trading Risk management (Creating a successful trading plan)
  • Fundamentals of Trading (Interpreting News and Economical Data)
  • Understanding the Market environment
  • Candlestick Patterns (definition and Identification)
  • Technical Analysis Part I (Support & Resistance, Breakout & Fakeout Structures, Trends & channels)
  • Technical Analysis Part II (Trend Continuation, Bullish and Bearish Structures, Trend reversal & Bilateral Trend Patterns)
  • Fibonacci – What is it in Trading & How it is used
  • How to Plot Charts & Conduct Technical Analysis

You will also take part in live trading with Neil Crammond. Live trading over the month provides 60 zoom calls covering:

  • 6 Central bank meetings
  • 25 US and UK market opens
  • 38 News Figures

You will receive ongoing support and mentorship throughout and full access to our risk management platform.

Course Duration: 5 weeks (to cover monthly news cycle)

Our Trainers

Neil Crammond

Neil Crammond

 Neil is a highly experienced trader who can teach you an incredible amount about trading fundamentals and news. Each week, Neil supplies our social media community with information on what to look for in the week ahead, what to keep an eye on and what trades to look out for – and he always leads us onto the right path. You can book a programme of one-to-one sessions with Neil, or book two single sessions if you prefer.

Stephen Meli

Stephen Meli

A former Barclays trader, Stephen is a brilliant resource to have a programme of one-to-ones with. In addition to working with Educate2trade, Stephen runs his own FCA regulated trading firm.

Gerard McConnell

Gerard McConnell

 Gerard is a qualified financial advisor and self taught day trader with seven years experience in the trading and wealth management sectors. Gerard provides a huge amount of high quality trading analysis to our members in our Analysis & Discussion groups. One-on-one sessions with Gerry will help you learn more about trading, increase your analytical abilities and turn you into a more experienced and well educated trader.

Zain Khan

Zain Khan

Zain has 25 years experience as a trader, with advanced knowledge of financial markets including, FX, Fixed Income, Oil, Gold, Equities, Stock Indices as well as their derivatives on multiple global exchanges.

Why choose Educate2trade

  • Highly qualified experienced Traders
  • Established market player with Educators who have taught many successful traders
  • Your one to one course will be tailored around you and your working schedule
  • Every session will be tailored around you and your working schedule
  • Live zoom session with your Educator
  • Trading Live alongside your Educator learning exact strategies they use on a day to day basis
  • Once your educator feels you are now at a level where you can manage your own trading and apply the strategies being taught, you will then complete our course

Post Course Benefits

  • Your educator will always be on hand to ask any questions and also offer that lifetime support and mentorship when needed.
  • Within the 1-1 course you will also get full access to our members community groups. These include daily analysis updates, trade ideas, live trading webinars and daily interaction with our professional traders.

Check What Others Are Saying about Us

Fantastic service, i had a call from Holly, one of their representatives, and they helped me step-by-step, of setting up my account, we had technical difficulties at 1 point, but we overcame that. I also got enrolled on to the beginners course (I Literally just finished it). And wow the course was really insightful, i definitely learnt some new tips in the Analysis sections of the course. I definitely recommend doing it!.

Romaine Greeny Reid

i believe this is the great opportunities to learn about trade and this program become a guideline how to trade and avoid risk. As a beginner i had plenty of information about trade and the advisor (Holly) always encourge my motivation and keep in touch and give me advise. thank you so much for this great opportunities and i strongly recommend this program for beginners like me.

Chanhee Kim

I just finished studying the beginner course . I had basic knowledge about trading market but this course helped me a lot . Plus they have weekly webinars from were you can get help with your trading strategies . The team it’s very helpful and they always try to put you on the right direction. Especially Holly . Great job

Lucian Gorgonaru


Not ready for a one-to-one?

Our beginner’s course covers the basics of trading, from the stock market, Forex, indices and CFDs, right through to the concepts you’ll need to know. Our modules cover fundamental and technical analysis, risk management, trading psychology and how to construct a trading plan, all written by experienced and highly qualified traders.