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Bradley Goldberg

Bradley is one of our lead educators and founder at Educate2trade. He has been trading for many years now, and developed our Beginner and Advanced trading courses. He is one of our mentors, working with traders of all levels to support their learning and development.

Bradley is passionate about helping people to learn and become better, more proficient traders – this is the main purpose of Educate2trade. Through the mentorship, courses, analysis and discussion groups, Educate2trade supports a community of traders of all levels. Bradley regularly produces a wealth of free content for Educate2trade members to take advantage of, as well as handy hints and videos for our wider social media community.



How can I get involved?

If you’re interested in trading and would like to find out more about the options Educate2trade offers, why not get in touch? One of our lead educators will walk you through what type of education would work best for your level and lifestyle.